Biohazard Atlantic classe II A2

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ASALAIR BIOHAZARD ATLANTIC is a microbiological safety cabinet in class II type A2.

The vertical laminar flow and inlet air flow speed are constant, since all functions are automatically controlled by the microprocessor and displayed on the controls and programming LCD panel, touch screen 5.7" TFT display (320x240 pixels).
Produced air flow is uniform and unidirectional, formed by a number of little parts of parallel and sterile air that move themselves at the same speed in all points so that a homogeneous current of air with no turbulence is produced.
In a sterilised zone, each polluting substance in the working area is pushed away by a source of sterilised air.

ASALAIR BIOHAZARD ATLANTIC cabinet, was designed and built to allow manipulations in sterile environment of infectious agents that belong at the risk group 2 and 3.


All ATLANTIC cabinets, as alternative to absolute HEPA filters, can be supplied with absolute ULPA filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air) tested in accordance with regulations C.E.N M.P.P. S 1822 with overall efficiency. 99.9995% class U15, which produce a sterile airflow to 0.3 micron class 10 according to Fed Std 209E, (Laser Test Royco 256) or ISO class 4 according to ISO 14644.1.