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Autoclave Vapormatic 770

The Vapor Matic Mod. 770 is an autoclave with thermodynamic vacuum, suitable for sterilization of cell culture media, glass and medical or laboratory waste.

Products vertical loading, sterilization cycle completely automatic, thermoregulated and controlled by a microprocessor.
Microprocessor has an HMOS microprocessor that permits the programming of time and temperature and includes the two more common sterilization phases:
phase 1=121°C (±1°C) – 1 bar (± 0.1 bar) per 20'; phase 2=134°C (±1°C) – 2 bar (± 0.1 bar) per 20' key for “official pharmacopoeia cycle”
These cycles can be memorized and called up by the pressing of single key, so the setting of the autoclave is immediate. F:U: cycle switch 30-60.
Asal s.r.l. declares that the autoclave model 770 complies with Directive 97/23/CE (PED) on pressure equipment for Category I, Annex II, Part A (self-declaration by the manufacturer).

This equipment has been designed, built and tested following the European Directive 2006/95/CE (BT low tension), and the normative CEI EN 61010-1:2010, CEI EN 61010-2-010:2003 certificate n° Z1A 11 12 36567 031, directives EMC (Electro-magnetic directive 2004/108/CE) EN 61326-1:2006 certificate n° Z2 11 10 36567 028 by TUV SUD.

In accordance too with CEI EN 61010-2-041