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MODEL 715 / CT+

715/CT 8 plates stirrer

The Microtiter Stirrer mod. 715/CT with rotatory vibration ( eccentricity 3.7 mm) is arranged to hold up to 8 Microtiter plates (fixed by nickel plated steel springs).
Electronic speed regulation 300-1500 rpm.
Continuous or pre-set operation, by timer up to 60 minutes.
Thermostatic cupola with electrical fan for air circulation. Max work temperature inside the cupola 50°C. Temperature rate set to 50°C with digital reading.
Temperature control adjustable within a range from room temperature up to 50°C with digital thermo-regulator/display, resolution ± 1°C, precision 0.5 °C.
A safety locking device stops the stirrer at cupola opening.
Outer casing in powdered painted steel acids resistant, cupola made of acrylic resin.
Double work surface in oxidised aluminum.
Thermal protector in the event of excessive heating with manual reset.
Main switch bright.

This equipment has been designed, built and tested following the European Directive 2004/108/CE (EMC Electro-magnetic compatibility), in conformity with the European Directive 2006/95/CE (BT low tension), and the normative CEI EN 61010-1:2011.