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Thermostat MINI BATT 806

The Thermostat MINI BATT  mod. 806 with considerable thermal stability, is suitable for urgent laboratories (without an excessive workload), doctor's surgeries and laboratories with an average demand for cultural tests.

Exterior structure in powdered painted steel acids resistant. Internal chamber, 17 litres, in stainless steel Aisi 304 2B glazed with three shelves.

Closing door in acrylic resin that allows inspections without disturbing the thermal equilibrium.

Electric fan for air circulation certified VDE.

Front panel with display and digital electronic temperature regulator with range of settings from environment to 60°C, precision ± 0.5°C.

Display resolution ± 0.1°C.

Interior temperature verified by electronic probe.

Safety device with airflow lack led. Red alarm led in case of over temperature.

Error messages on display for probe in short circuit and probe interrupted. Main switch bright.



This equipment has been designed, built and tested following the European Directive 2004/108/CE (EMC Electro-magnetic compatibility), in conformity with the European Directive 2006/95/CE (BT low tension), and the normative CEI EN 61010-1:2011, CEI EN 61010-2-010.