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600/1200/1800 COMBI HEPA

600 Combi Hepa

1200 Combi Hepa

1800 Combi Hepa

Asalair Carbo fume cupboard model 600-1200-1800 Combi with hepa filters is a bench suction hood.

Equipped with absolute Hepa filter (High efficiency particulate air) tested M.P.P.S in accordance with  C.E.N. 1822 with global efficiency 99.995% class H14, suitable for all operations, to do under the hood, that include powders handling.

It is assure an excellent protection both of the operator and the environment.

It is not suitable like protection for the products manipulated into it from the external contamination.

It can be advantageously used in all cases it is not necessary or a priority to protect this product from the air in the laboratory (eg opening of biological samples for analysis, weighing, sifting, and crushing or as protection for centrifuges or other equipment at risk of aerosols, etc.).

Casing realised in powdered painted steel acids resistant, RAL 9010.

It can be installed over any bench. Its working surface consists of a removable tray in stainless steel Aisi 316L 2B glazed which allows the hood location also over tanks or sinks.

The model certified in accordance with UNI EN 14175-1-2-3:2003 model 600/R Combi-1200/R Combi -1800/R Combi is equipped as standard with air conveyor Ø 150 mm. (Ø 200 mm for 1800/R Combi) with anti-wind air grating, for the exhaust outside of filtered air, that the customer is REQUIRED to install.

The model certified in accordance with only EN 61010-1:2001 model 600 Combi -1200 Combi -1800 Combi does not require any air conveyor.