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New UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate Rev 04. Valid until July 25 2018

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ASALAIR BIOHAZARD 900-1200-1500-1800 ATLANTIC, is a microbiological safety cabinet in class II type A2 certified UNI EN 12469.

The vertical laminar flow and inlet air flow speed are constant, since all functions are automatically controlled by the microprocessor and displayed on the controls and programming LCD panel, touch screen 5.7" TFT display (320x240 pixels).

ASALAIR BIOHAZARD ATLANTIC CYTOCABINET 900 or 1200, is a microbiological safety cabinet certified UNI EN 12469, suitable for the preparation of cytotoxic drugs and chemotherapy (DIN 12980), and handling of biological agents, at hospital pharmacies, oncology wards, day hospital and pharmaceutical industries.
It’s a Class II Type A2 cabinet with absolute hepa filters triple filtration.

700 laminar flow hood and 901 fume hood Economy models are available